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Word Problem Exercises: Inequalities

General Questions

In a remedial math class at the community college, only five chapter exams are given and an 80% must be achieved in order to take the state exit exam. Pam has completed the first four exams with scores of 71, 84, 79, and 81. Write an inequality to find the minimal score Pam can make on the fifth exam in order to take the state exit exam?

Your elementary school is having a fall carnival. Admission into the carnival is $3 and each game inside the carnival costs $.25. Write an inequality that represents the possible number of games that can be played having $10. What is the maximum number of games that can be played?

You are a farmer and have $350,000 to spend on farm equipment.  The hay bailers cost $6500 each and the plowing disks cost $2500 each.  Write and graph an inequality that models the different numbers of hay bailers and plowing disks that could be purchased.

You and your family attend your brother’s championship baseball game.  Between innings you decide to go to the snack stand.  You go to the snack stand with $15 and find that sodas are $2.50 and that popcorn is $1.75.  Write and graph an inequality that models the numbers of sodas and bags of popcorn that can be bought.

G Redden

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