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Word Problem Exercises: Pythagorean Theorem

General Questions

Scott wants to swim across a river that is 400 meters wide. He begins swimming perpendicular to the shore he started from but ends up 100 meters down river from where he started because of the current. How far did he actually swim from his starting point?

In construction, floor space must be given for staircases. If the second floor is 3.6 meters above the first floor and a contractor is using the standard step pattern of 28 cm of tread for 18 cm of rise then how many steps are needed to get from the first to the second floor and how much linear distance will need to be used for the staircase?

How long would a railing be that was parallel to the steps in the previous question?

When the ancient Egyptians were building the great pyramids at Giza, they checked each course or level of stones to make sure they were being laid square by measuring the diagonals. If each course of stones has the length of the square reduced by 2 meters what is the reduction in the length of each diagonal?

In the Old West, settlers often fashioned tents out of a piece of cloth thrown over tent poles and then secured to the ground with stakes forming an isosceles triangle. How long would the cloth have to be so that the opening of the tent was 4 meters high and 3 meters wide?

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