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Biology Graphs: The Water Cycle

The hydrologic cycle, commonly known as "the water cycle", consists of seven major processes: evaporation (water is converted to the gaseous state of water vapor), transpiration (evaporation of water from plants), condensation (water vapor is converted back into liquid water), precipitation (the falling of water in the form of rain, sleet, hail or snow), infiltration (water movement into the soil), percolation (the downward flow of water through soil to the aquifer), and runoff (surface movement of water back to a body of water to repeat the cycle; usually occurs down a sloping surface).

General Questions

What is the primary source of energy that fuels the water cycle?

What is the role of water for biotic organisms?

In what ways do you think humans negatively influence the water cycle?

Which of the following would NOT be a body of water that the sun could draw water from in order to drive the water cycle?

C Roach

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