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Chemistry Graphs: Vapor Pressure Curves

As temperature increases, the amount of vapor generated by a liquid in a closed container increases. This occurs because as the liquid gains kinetic energy, the molecules can overcome the intermolecular forces of attraction that are prevalent in the liquid phase.

General Questions

Which of the liquids has the greatest amount of attraction between the molecules?

The normal boiling point is the temperature at which a liquid boils when the external pressure is one atmosphere, or 760 mm Hg. Knowing this, what is the normal boiling point of pentane? What is the normal boiling point of water?

Why is the normal boiling point of water greater than the normal boiling point of pentane?

The pressure at high altitudes is significantly less than at sea level. If the atmospheric pressure in the mountains is 600 mm Hg, at what temperature will water boil?

Estimate how much of the vapor pressure of pentane changes as the temperature rises from 20 to 40 oC.

E Saylor

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