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Chemistry Graphs: Reaction Rates

Use the given graph to answer the following questions.

General Questions

If the general equation for a reaction is written as , then the rate of the reaction can be expressed as .
The rate expression is negative. Explain how this is reflected on the graph.

According to the graph, are the reactants disappearing at a constant rate?

According to collision theory, molecules must collide in order to react. Where on the graph is the rate of reaction is greatest? Where is it slowest?

The plot of the concentration of the products versus time is a mirror image of the reactant plot. What does this imply about the stoichiometry of the reaction?

The graph shows that the concentration of reactant decreases by half in 50 seconds. What is the concentration of reactant after 50 seconds? If the concentration of the reactant again decreases by half, what is the concentration after 100 seconds? After 150 seconds?

What is the sum of the concentration of reactant and product at any given time?

E Saylor

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