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Algebra I Recipe: Problem Solving Using Percents
A. Helpful Hints
  1. "what number" – represent with a variable
  2. "is" – means "equal to"
  3. "of" – means to multiply
  4. percent – means some part out of 100
  5. "what percent" – represent with x/100
  6. remember to change percents to decimals
B. How to Solve Percent Problems
  1. Use the hints in Part A to write an algebraic equation.
  2. Solve for the variable.
C. How to Find the Markup Percent
  1. Find the price difference on the item.
  2. Divide the difference by the wholesale cost.
  3. Change the decimal to a percent.
D. How to Find what Percent of a Region is Shaded
  1. (Area of the shaded region) / (Area of the total region)
  2. After performing the division, change the decimal to a percent.
What is 40% of 85 yards?

What is 65% of 120 dollars?

Twenty-three dollars is 25% of what value?

Fifteen meters is 30% of what length?

Fifty-six pounds is what percent of 140 pounds?

Seventy cars is what percent of 40 cars?

The wholesale cost of a fishing net is $18.50. The retail price is $32.95. What is the markup percent?

What percent of the area is shaded white?

What percent of the area is shaded white?

G Redden

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